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Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development (UniCarioca) and Postgraduate in Software Engineering (UFRJ). He currently performs the role of Test Analyst in a renowned software factory in Rio de Janeiro, under several certifications, including MPS.BR (Level C). With an innovative spirit, it is always looking for new solutions that add quality to the software, making the testing process more productive and less expensive.


Conexão Literatura: Could you tell our readers how you began in literary circles?

Hugo Peres: At the end of my postgraduate course, when I decided to write a TCC on test automation using the Selenium tool. After a year, I decided to take an online entrepreneurship course, where I came up with the idea of turning TCC into an Ebook, starting my journey as an author.

Conexão Literatura: You are the author of the book “Automating Software Testing with Selenium”. Could you comment?

Hugo Peres: Yes. It is a practical manual aimed at all professionals and companies in the systems area and who aim to improve the quality of their services and / or products in a simple, efficient and inexpensive way. In it, you will find all the features that the Selenium tool offers to implement a robust automated testing environment, such as: writing / executing test scripts, exporting / importing test scripts into a test project, running testing on different platforms and browsers.

Conexão Literatura: How was your research and how long did it take to complete your book?

Hugo Peres: The surveys were based on reputable books in the area of software testing, especially in the official documentation of Selenium. In total, it was almost 2 months to finish the contents of the book.

Conexão Literatura: Could you highlight a passage that you find special in your book?

Hugo Peres: In his lectures, Molinari (2010) often makes the following quote: “Either you change or you move.” That is, if you change, you have to be for the better. Who wants to go beyond, in the sense of doing something that makes a difference and that brings positive results to the company, one must think of innovation. Otherwise, the competitor will do something different and better for the target audience. It is the law of survival.

According to Molinari (2010), innovation in software testing can occur at any time within a company, either through a radical or incremental change. And a good way to do this is by opting for test automation.

Conexão Literatura: How should the interested reader proceed to acquire your book and know a little more about you and your literary work?

Hugo Peres: Just go to the Inove Test website, download the free sample from the Ebook and get the full version of it if you feel it necessary. Remembering that, the Ebook can also be purchased at leading online bookstores.

For more information about my person and my work, access the website.

Conexão Literatura: Are there any new projects on the agenda?

Hugo Peres: Yes. A book on financial education.


A book: No More A Nice Guy
One author: Robert Glover
An Actor or Actress: Keanu Reeves
A movie: Butterfly Effect
A special day: My Birthday


Conexão Literatura: Do you want to close with any further comments?

Hugo Peres: I thank Conexão Literatura magazine for the opportunity not only to introduce myself, but mainly to divulge the details about the Ebook.

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