Automatizando Testes de Software Com Selenium


Digital Version of the Book (Ebook)

ISBN: 9788582453889

Pages: 88

Published In: 18/11/2016

Publishing Company: Simplíssimo

Format: PDF

Language: Portuguese


• BONUS: Support material for using dynamic data in Selenium IDE

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Automatizando Testes de Software com Selenium is a practical manual aimed at all professionals and companies in the systems area and who aim to improve the quality of their services and / or products in a simple, efficient and inexpensive way.

In this book you will find all the features that the Selenium tool offers to implement a robust automated testing environment, such as: writing / executing test scripts, exporting / importing test scripts into a test project, running testing on different platforms and browsers.

Innovate your way to test software, embarking on this incredible world of automation and see through the results how machines can facilitate your day-to-day tasks.


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